Hygienist Treatments

Hygienists play an important role in your dental care, working with you to maximise preventative oral health and minimise the need for dental treatment. Patients can be referred to a hygienist by their own dentist, or patients may self-refer.

Trained to provide treatment to maintain healthy gums, eliminating or reducing gum disease, the hygienist’s main role is to professionally clean the patient’s teeth. This is usually called ‘scaling and polishing’. However, perhaps their most important role is showing people the best way to keep their teeth free of plaque themselves, and how to clean properly between your teeth with interdental brushes, floss or tape. There are a wide variety of oral care products available, including a vast selection of toothpastes, electronic toothbrushes, and mouthwashes, of which your hygienist can recommend those that are best for you.

It is also especially important to look after your implants correctly. Gina Tennant, Dental Hygienist and Therapist at Dentale Shrewsbury explains why, and how a hygienist like herself can help you to do this;

“Once dental implants are placed, it is extremely important that they are maintained, as unlike teeth, dental implants have no muscle fibres around them to act as a shock absorber, which may lead to bone loss around the implant. Furthermore, if plaque and bacteria are being left around the implant, usually unbeknown to the patient, then this could also lead to bone loss and ultimately loss of the implant itself.”

“Dental implants are a huge investment and with the proper care could last a life time. Dental hygienists play a key role in the maintenance of dental implants. By having regular implant maintenance visits with a dental hygienist it allows for monitoring the implant and soft tissues, as well as checking for signs of inflammation, pus formation, mobility, bleeding and bone loss which are all signs of implant failure.”

“Ensure that you get the most out of your implants and protect your investment by sustaining regular maintenance visits with a Dental Hygienist, where recall visits can be tailored to each individual patient.”

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Routine Scale and Polish£40.00Scale and polishes are regular appointments carried out by our hygienist who maintains the health of your gums and provides you with oral health care advice. This takes about 30 minutes.
Extensive Scale and Polish£80.00This is an hour long extensive scale and polish for the more advanced periodontal cases. You will be advised if this is required by your dentist.