About Dentale

At Dentale, we are training dentists in the provision of dental implants. This is a continuous ongoing process taking dentists from their first implant all the way up to the most complex procedures. All this training is supervised closely by our extremely qualified team which gives the patient all the benefit of the experience and the dentist the benefit of a safe and controlled environment. Dentists are prepared to pay to have this quality of training and this in turn enables us to offset the cost for the patient.

Our Training Dentists

Although we make reference to a “training dentist”, all the dentists who attend our courses are fully qualified general dentists and registered with the General Dental Council. So for example, they are already qualified to see you for a general check-up, do filings, crowns and any other treatment that you would expect to receive from your own dentist. In fact many of them already have their own practices. The dentists come to Dentale to further thei­r skills and learn the art of implant dentistry.
We also ensure that each “training dentist” has an appropriate amount of theoretical knowledge before they are allowed to carry out any treatments on our patients. And we match the complexity of the case to the ability of the dentist to make sure that the appropriate dentist treats the appropriate patient.

Our Course Tutors

Every course is delivered by a course tutor who has decades of experience behind them and placed literally thousands of implants. Only a small number of “training” dentists are booked onto each course to ensure that the course mentor can provide the appropriate support and guidance.

Our Dental Nurses

Our implant nurses are some of the best in their field. In addition to supporting the dentists they are always on hand to also provide our patients with the highest level of customer service and answer any questions you may have.

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