How do we do it?

How can we provide dental implants at prices below eastern European countries?

Because we dovetail a unique combination of factors designed to deliver multiple benefits, for our patients and our expert dentists.

Normally, implant treatment is very expensive. Why?

  • • Firstly, material costs are high – particularly in the UK. Implant suppliers often charge higher prices in the UK than in other European countries, which immediately puts UK dentists at a price disadvantage.
  • • Secondly, implant treatment itself is a complex process best undertaken by dentists with specialist training, and the time and investment required for this has to be recouped somehow.
  • • Thirdly, in an NHS general practice setting there is no implant treatment provision.

However, at Dentale we use Snucone implants – a brand of exceptional quality – yet one we are able to source at an affordable price, passing the savings directly onto our patients.

We also train qualified dentists in the provision of dental implants. All training is closely supervised by Dentale’s vastly experienced team of implant experts, giving the patient the benefits of this professional excellence and the dentist the benefit of a safe and controlled environment. Dentists pay for this superior training, which in turn enables us to offset the cost for the patient

Also, when the true cost of being treated abroad is examined it is frequently much more expensive than it first appears.

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