Periodontal Treatment


Gums are the foundation of the teeth. Gum disease, also known as Periodontitis, leads to the destruction of the bone supporting the teeth. Resolving gum disease improves your oral heath, enhancing your smile and prolonging the life of your teeth. Advanced gum disease leads to spacing between your teeth and unsightly red bleeding gums. Usually, it is accompanied by bad breath (Halitosis).

Teeth become loose, leading to discomfort and a reduction in function. There is also a link between heart disease and Periodontitis, and also with many other medical conditions such as diabetes, so good healthy gums are essential. It is possible to treat gum disease using a variety of techniques, such as deep cleaning of the teeth, improving home oral hygiene, and surgery.

The treatment chosen will depend on the severity of the disease and will be explained to you fully. It will be tailored to your individual needs. In severe cases, treatment can be carried out under sedation.

Laser Dental Therapy for Periodontics

At Oracle, we pride ourselves on seeking to improve the treatments and services we offer to all our patients.

With the advancement of modern science and powerful research into the effectiveness of new processes, we are pleased to be able to introduce Laser Dental Therapy to our list of periodontal services.

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