Other Implant Treatment Options

We can offer other routes to provide im­plants, which can be compared in the comparison table:

Tutor/Experienced Implant Dentist Option


GDC Number: 69456, FDS

RCPS, Scotland, BSc, England,

FDS (OS) RCPS, Scotland, BDS,

England, Phd, Scotland

At Dentale, dentists are tutored by highly qualified dentists with years of experience in their field.

There are, however, occasions where the scope of treatment is outside what is possible to carry out on one of our training courses. This might be because of the extent or difficulty of what is required. In those circumstances, there are still other options available to patients.

We sometimes run courses for more complex procedures where the tutors will demonstrate treatment. However, it is also possible to have the treatment carried out by the tutors at the Dentale clinics. In this instance, there is no element of training so the flexibility of appointments and what can be carried out is not constrained by the requirements of the training course.­

Dentale Option


At Dentale, we bring patients together with fully qualified dentists who are expanding their skills by learning how to safely place implants.

Our highly experienced tutors are on hand at all times. All our dentists are UK registered, and we check each dentist’s previous training record and documentation, enabling us to keep the costs for patients very low. A dentist is typically assigned to a patient for the whole of the treatment, which means that we do not have as much flexibility with appointments – patients must fit in with a course cycle – but the appointments are scheduled clearly in advance. The facilities are purpose built with the latest in imaging technology and all of the complex equipment needed to deliver excellent, safe care.

Alternatively we can offer other routes to provide implants. If you click each of the icons, below this will be explained and compared in the comparison table.

Network Option


We have a network of dentists who we have either previously trained or that we know of due to them using the Implantium system. Some of these dentists have agreed to join our fixed fee scheme.

This means that they will provide implant treatment at an agreed cost. This is obviously very beneficial to the patient as it means that it is easier to budget. Unfortunately, however, it is not always possible to predict what treatment will be required and so there are exceptions to the scheme. This would include any form of bone grafting or augmentation, temporary restorations or other departures from simple treatment.

So whilst it is impossible to give a guaranteed cost in advance, it does show a commitment to keep the cost as low as possible for the patient and the maximum transparency about cost. ­

Comparison Table

CostFrom £1100From £1350From £1750
Long term follow up required?
Experience of dentistLowerModerate or highVery high
Appointment choiceLowHighHigh