Why Dentale?

Dentale provides inexpensive dental implant treatment in the UK, cheaper than going abroad in a safe UK environment. Click here to find out how we do it.

Put simply, a dental implant is a titanium cylinder placed into the jaw bone which is used to retain a crown. It’s a great solution for replacing missing teeth and has allowed many of our patients to regain their confidence when eating and smiling – something most of us take for granted.

At Dentale you can have an implant and crown for as little as £3.57 per day spread across 12 interest free monthly payments*.

Traditionally, implant treatment is very expensive as it requires dentists to undertake further specialist training and the cost of this training has to be recouped somehow. The reason Dentale is able to offer implant treatments at such competitive prices is that our highly qualified and experienced team of tutors – which includes some of the top dental surgeons in the UK – guide and supervise qualified dentists in the provision of implants. As dentists are prepared to pay for this superior level of training, it allows us to offset the cost to our patients.

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