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ImplantPilot™ is a revolutionary new system developed to increase the precision of implant placement whilst being less invasive and thus reducing discomfort for the patient.

Advantages of ImplantPilot™

  • Keyhole surgery / Less invasive
  • No Stitches
  • Reduced Surgery Time
  • Reduced post-op discomfort
  • Increased precision

ImplantPilot™ takes advantage of the latest digital technology to be able to plan the implant placement virtually on a computer well in advance of the actual procedure.

The digital planning combines a three-dimensional CT scan with a scan of a plaster model and then relates the two by use of a marker on both scans. The planning software is used to design a guide which is 3D printed in titanium. This guide controls the position of the drill, which in turn gives the precise implant placement.

Conventional implant treatment requires the gums to be cut and folded back to be able to see the bone at the implant site. Using ImplantPilot™, it is no longer necessary to cut the gums as the implants can be placed accurately without having to visualise the bone.

By using this keyhole technique there is much less tissue damage and so less post-operative discomfort. No sutures are required. There is less risk of bleeding and the procedure can usually be completed in a fraction of the time.

Implant Pilot can be discussed in more detail at your consultation appointment or alternatively please visit for more information.