Our Current Face Mask Policy

We at Dentale have spent a considerable amount of time over the past 15 months formulating and revising our procedures rergarding Covid-19 safety precautions – which we refer to as our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) – of which there have been several iterations that take into account the current risk levels and the benefits of different safety measures.

As of the latest iteration of our SOP, we now no longer require the staff at our clinics to wear face masks. Our reasoning based on careful review of available data from numerous sources*, with which we have concluded that there is little benefit to neither the wearer nor those in their vicinity to justify mandating their use in our clinics. Therefore, under our current SOP, we encourage both staff and patients to choose whether or not to wear a mask based on their own judgement.

Click charts to view full size. Source: Swiss Policy Research

If you would still prefer that the staff treating you wear face masks, please contact us in advance and we will happily accommodate this request on your next visit. If however you do not feel that this is sufficient, we suggest deferring your visit until you feel that it is safe to do so.

* Relevant citations we considered when making the decisions described above;